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The company I.M.A. is internationally renowned as a competent partner for industrial engines, motor accessories, spare parts, OEM-products and air conditioning systems.

Your competent partner for:

KUBOTA industrial engines

Kubota - This name stands for tradition and innovation at the same time. Through outstanding technical experience in the area of engine construction and many years of investment into research and development Kubota has developed into one of the world's leading manufacturers of diesel motors.

I.M.A.-Power Pack

The I.M.A. Power Packs with Kubota Common Rail engines are efficiant power packs with full electronic engine control and highly flexible concerning product range and services. The engines are both economical and low-emission.

FORD industrial engines

Ford is developing and producing high class engines for more than 80 years. As they have the distinction of being of the highest quality, reliability and fuel economy, these engines are used in a multitude of industrial applications in various areas.


As a Ford Component sales dealer we can deliver not only the industrial engines of Ford but also nearly every component that is used in a Ford Vehicle as a OEM-part for original equipment manufacturer or for industrial use respectively.

Air Conditioning

Our product field air conditioning for utility vehicles of all kinds is highly regarded even beyond Germany. Whether integrated or retrofit air conditioning systems, we have the right solution for any kind of vehicle from construction machines or tractors to combine harvesters.