Our team, our history and company principles

I.M.A. - The history of our company


With 15 years experience of selling Ford Industrial Engines, and some years of leading a Ford Industrial Dealership, Hans-Dieter Gröschler opens his own business, the company I.M.A. H.-D. Gröschler GmbH which is based in Herford, West Germany.

April 1993
As a new business division the distribution of retrofit air contitioning systems is added to the product range.

1993 - 1997
Continuing increase in sales and the rising number of sold engines are proof of the growing success of the company. The workforce doubles and a variety of products are added to the delivery program.

middle of 1997
A new area of business, the distribution of KUBOTA-engines is successfully opened. .

Opening of  new business premises at Leopoldshöhe and relocation of the company to the new site. A modern production facility and warehouse, a bigger workshop and optimised offices and administration facilities will ensure the smooth supply of our customers with engines, spare parts and air conditioning systems well into the future.

Our company is for the first time certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

The expansion of our product range by the I.M.A. LPG- and Natural Gas engines and taking on board a whole new business area: the sale of LIEBHERR LPG- and Natural Gas and diesel engines, hydraulic components and transfer gearboxes are consolodating our market position.

The I.M.A. product range has been expanded by the 28 - 55 kW Powerpacks with KUBOTA common rail technology and exhaust gas treatment according to emission level V.

Completion of our new additional building in Liesborn enabling a higher storage capacity, the processing of container business and Powerpack production.