Ford component sales

Why develop your own components, when Ford could already have done it for you?

As a Ford Component sales dealer we can deliver not only the industrial engines of Ford but also nearly every component that is used in a Ford Vehicle as a OEM-part for original equipment manufacturer or for industrial use respectively.

The application of  Ford vehicle component goes far beyond their original area of application. A Ford roof-handle could be utilised as a carrier handle for a grass collection basket of  a lawn mower. A seat locking mechanism can ideally be used as a important part of a dress transport system in a laundry shop. A fresh air nozzle from a car can also be used as a fan outlet on a sun bed.

Supported by the enormous world wide resources of Ford we offer to the OEM sector highest quality, competitive pricing and a component range, that other suppliers can only dream of.

Our components are already being used in many various applications and branches of industry and our customers save themselves research and development expenses. With our immediately deployable solutions you can have your products market-ready that much sooner.

Amongst the over 100,000 high quality components that are available we have potentially exactly what you are looking for.   

As mentioned before, we are offering practically every component of Fords vehicle production. Apart from complete drive units our range contains: wheels, seats, axles, lights, radios, fresh air nozzles, brakes, heatable window panes, heating systems, sealants, bearings, gear boxes, sheet metal, fuel tanks, water containers, radiators, steering components, handles, locks, windscreen wipers and their motors, car jacks, springs, mirrors, oil cooler, fans, retaining jigs, antennas, gas pressure braces, gear wheel sets, electric engines, engine parts, fire extinguisher, first aid kits, safety belts, car interior components, alarm systems and lots of other small parts.

Ford - OEM-Produkts

As the R&D work is already done and each single component is thoroughly tested, you can not only develop your product faster for the market, you are also saving the investment and manufacturing costs.

It is however even more important that you can be totally sure that every part, if it is used for a Ford product or for your special application, is built to the high quality standards of Ford.

So there are many reasons to employ Ford OEM products. Ask us, we are happy to give competent advice.