Technical data and settings

Settings for diagnosis and maintenance

SM (Super Mini) Series

Z 482
Z 602
D 722
D 902

05 Series
D 905
D 1005
D 1105
V 1305
V 1505
V 1505 T

03 Series
D 1403
D 1703
V 1903
V 2203
V 2003-T

03 Series
D 1503-M
D 1703-M
D 1803-M
V 2203-M
V 2403-M
V 2003-M-T

00 Series V3 Indirect Injection (IDI)
V 3300
V 3300 T

00 Series V3 Direct Injection (DI)
V 3300-DI
V 3300-DI-T
V 3800-DI
V 3800-DI-T


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