Kubota engine technology


Kubota's Technology for cleaner exhaust emissions

While improving the fuel efficiency, cleaner exhaust emissions did always have top priority for Kubota. The continual effort to archive lower exhaust emission led to the development of a combustion system with notably better emission figures, the E-TVCS Systems (Three Vortex Combustion System).

The shape and dimensions of the combustion chamber are the key to a successful reduction emission control which enables us to fulfil the latest emission limits for diesel engines. The new Kubota exclusive combustion system E-TVCS (a progression of the Kubota patented N-TVCS-System) improves the quality of the exhaust emission through optimising the air/fuel mixture and by shortening the firing delay. With that the engines have no problem fulfilling the high demands of the new emission laws.

The concave indent in the piston helps the E-TVCS System (Three Vortex Combustion System) to create three intensive air vortexes inside the globular combustion chamber, to achieve an ideal fuel/air mixture. The illustration below shows the three vortexes in relation to the position of the valves. Thanks to this configuration an improvement in performance characteristics, the quality of exhaust emission, the noise emission and an higher torque could be achieved.


The E-TVCS combustion system is deployed in the following series:
Super Mini Serie / 05 Serie / 03 Serie / V3 Serie


Technology for more comfort with less noise

To lower the noise level of Kubota engines even more, Kubota introduced floating mounted valve covers and molybdenum coated pistons.

The oil seal seals and isolates the vibration and reduces the noise emission of the crankcase. Resulting from this the noise level is about 1 - 1,5 dBA lower than in comparable engines in the same class. The molybdenum coating reduces the play between piston and cylinder wall and therefore the noise resulting from piston-clattering is reduced.


Floating mounted valve covers

Floating mounted valve covers

floating mounted valve covers and molybdenum coated pistons are deployed in the following series:
Super Mini Serie (Z602/D902) / 03 Serie / V3 Serie


Technology for improved efficiency

Kubota’s new direct injection system of the V3-series combines a 4-valve system with a new injection system called E-CDIS. The placement of the injection jet in the middle of the swirl chamber results in a drastically improved efficiency and therefore provides for increased power of the engine, higher torque and less exhaust emissions.