The engines from Kubota feature the following characteristics:


low exhaust emission

Kubota has always paid special attention to the improvement of fuel consumption and exhaust emission values of their engines. From long years of technical experience, intensive research and commitment to a cleaner environment came the development of Kubota's low emission diesel engines with E-TVCS (Three vortex combustion system - a unique combustion system to reduce exhaust and noise emission). It is worth emphasising that all Kubota's diesel engines are already EPA TIER II certified.


low noise emission

Kubota's experience in the construction of noise-reduced diesel engines and the E-TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) warrant a low noise emission level while operating under load as well in idle. With some engines series a floating mounted valve cover and molybdenum coated pistons provide for especially quiet and smooth running engines (Super-Mini-Series / Super 03-M-Series / V3-Series)


quick start-up

The Super-pre-heat-system that belongs as standard equipment significantly shortens the pre-heat span and ensures that the engine starts up without problems even at low outside temperatures.


high reliability

The robust construction that is typical for Kubota engines without employment of electronics, belts or similar expensive components that are prone to failure ensures high reliability and durability, a long engine life and suitability for all kind of purposes.


diverse equipment and extensive accessories

To meet all kinds of different requirements a diverse range of equipment and special accessories is available. This includes ready-to-mount radiators, mufflers, air filters, fuel filters, ignition locks, speedometers, thermometers, operating hours counters, hydraulic pumps, inlet and exhaust manifolds, electric fuel pumps, magnetic on/off switches, bigger starter motors, bigger alternators, oil pans in different shapes and so on.