Kubota Engine - your business' "driving force"

Kubota Industrial EnginesKubota - This name stands for tradition and innovation at the same time. Through outstanding technical experience in the area of engine construction and many years of investment into research and development Kubota has developed into one of the world's leading manufacturers of diesel motors. It was always Kubota's aim to build compact fuel efficient and low-emission engines. Kubota's diesel engines are renowned worldwide for their reliability and quality.Despite their compact measurements they deliver an impressive power output, are extraordinarily quiet and fulfil at all times the emission limits required by law. Supported by a net of Kubota's service partners these diesel motors are used in many countries around the globe and fulfil a multitude of different chores reliably. In every country and in every language KUBOTA is a synonym for diesel engines.

On the following pages we present Kubota's diesel engine range. We inform you about the most important features of the Kubota engines and their technology. We list every available Kubota engine with their specification of power output, dimensions and so on and invite you to browse through the information.