I.M.A.-Power Pack

IMA POWER PACK / The drive concept of tomorrow

Machine manufacturer of all lines of business are busy these days with carefully assigning their developement capacities so that their engine portfolio will be ready for the expected introduction date of the new European emmission Tier V in 2019 with its demands for modern low-emission engines.

Diesel particle filters will be mandatory and the required electronics are becoming a challange for some companies.

To keep the expenditure for this process especially for smaller machine manufacturers within reasonable limits, IMA is now offering in the power spectrum of 28 to 55 kW the so called "Diesel Power Packs" with KUBOTA Common-Rail technology and emission control according to the planned Emission Tier V.

These extremely compactly build units allow up to 100% load at the PTO which is a valuable asset for the design engineer under consticted installation dimensions. Additional to that no intercooler is necessary which also decreases the spatial and financial requirements.

What up to now used to be the reserved to the big construction vehicle manufacturers is now also possible for smaller producers: Common-Rail technology and advanced emission treatment - all that with reasonable expenditure and the required cost efficiency.

The IMA "Diesel Power Pack" makes life easy for the design engineer, requires only little space and offers the same reliability and longevity, that KUBOTA engines are well known for.