Ford. Solid Foundations

Ford is developing and producing high class engines for more than 70 years. As they have the distinction of being of the highest quality, reliability and fuel economy, these engines are used in a multitude of industrial applications in various areas: Vehicles and machines in agriculture, forestry and the construction industry, stationary and mobile generators, city cleaning vehicles, as drive units for machines in the manufacturing sector, in the transport and distribution area, for power generation etc. to name just a few examples.

It is one of the main principles of Ford to not only improve their engines and products continually in terms of their performance, quality and reliability but also to keep the price level low in the interest of the customer. This is achieved among other ways by a steady improvement of the development and production methods. A further contributing factor to the cost reduction lies in the continual training and education of the workforce up to the highest management level through which an increase in efficiency in all areas from production to administration is established as a continuing process.